We at LHD are commited to providing a great service to all of our clients. We know from time to time things happen, so if you are feeling time poor let us know at your earliest convenience, so we can accomodate your circumstances.

We ask that cancellations will need to be made outside of 24hours to avoid a 25% cancellation fee.

Obviously not one head is the same and you are all individuals so our pricing structure has been set up to accomodate you all.

please do not hesitate to ask for a quotation once a stylist has seen you hair they will be able to quote allowing you to confidently relax into the service.


We are part of Sustainable Salons Australia


We believe that as an industry if we come together and share a common goal of zero waste we can make a change that will have a positive outcome for future generations and our industry as a whole.

During your service at LHD please notice our recycling efforts including bokasi, recycle bins, chemical waste disposable techniques. Please note when leaving the salon you will be asked to take away any waste you bought with you (ie coffee cups) that can not be recycled.   

Our waste is then hand sorted allowing 95% to be reused or recycled, this comes at a charge of $3.50 and is incorporated into all styling prices but if you are getting a colour without a finishing service this will be charged on top of.




Tinting Regrowth Initial appointment $62

Grey Coverage Maintenance Pricing 


5 weeks $52

6 weeks $62

7 weeks $72 

8 weeks $82



Inital Balyage Installation $180  

1/2 a head of fusion Foils 102 

Fullhead of fusion foils $180 

Creative Colour Work $145

(a combination of foils and tinting)

Semi $50 - $80

Styling including Sustainable Salons Australia Fee

Style cut including blowdry $78  

Style cut no blow $53 


Blowdry  $ 50

Mens      $ 40

Highschool Boy $30


Primary Boy Cut $20

Primary Girl Cut $25


Princess Treatment $50  (Primary Girl Wash Cut Blowdry) 

Fringe trim $5